I came from a long way back; I still have a long way to go, so it looks like I’ve been nowhere. It aint gravy baby and the toppings are missing and I’m tired of eating my food plain. Condiments are a mandatory thing for any intelligent being that recognizes the value of things. I heard a man say, “A coin has more than two sides so don’t bother getting lost in any story.” I reflected and seen heads, tails, and circumference. Mind, Body, and world respectively- Mind, Soul, and Spirit creatively. Everyone laughed at that man and I laughed with him as he preached things I long ago pondered or discovered. It was a glorious feeling to know Akasha hadn’t forgotten me and my input still mattered in a world that preached advancement yet ignored vision. I must be a Holy man for the depths of disrespect and rejection I suffer daily from a world that’s supposed to reward energy by rule and respect integrity by law. The judgment of those so obviously spiritually and morally weak is frustrating in that they hide behind titles they can’t fulfill or even worse understand. The absurdity is their popularity with and their assimilation of the willing weak. I have a story to tell to any friend willing to listen and that gesture would carry us over the top and into a realm where thoughts and imagination are alive and tangible and rewarded. For if God requires submission then I myself being in his image must require the same. For what other way is a man to have a peace of mind? A man suffering from Financial Destitution and social inadequacy at the same time is the sign of a coming storm and a metamorphosis. You Dig? It’s like dying inside and coming alive at the same time. To not be able to be offended would be a grand thing yet one must find offense in order to satisfy that a purpose exists. And to wonder why the prophets call us children and the Gods no longer want to be bothered. The light in them is driven by a dim yet nonetheless powerful source and its foundational nature is unwarranted arrogance. They eat the fruit of trees whose roots never touched the garden and even the serpent has lost control. Can you know the mental strain of maintaining a lie for a few years as opposed to living one since ones’ first independent thought? Life is a conversation I believe so why is no one listening? Where is this spirit of impatience and aggression growing from that drives impulsive thoughts and behaviors and strange whims? Where is the revenge in harming oneself? Camus said the one philosophical question is suicide and I take it that once that demon is explored and understood and subdued that great things can be done mentally, spiritually, and towards advancement. Yet ones government must be addressed and restitutions must be made for breach of and purposeful hiding of the knowledge of the “Social Contract” that is to adhere to all citizens. In the event that a citizen is not aware of place or principle in a society, accountability becomes an issue of ethics on the part of those sworn to protect and uphold such ethics. Prosecution for, or, in the name of ignorance is sadistic practice that must be addressed and reformed, cultured and contained. I do not feel assisted or protected by a government that expects me to uphold my part of the social contract whether I am aware of it or not. Stress, frustration, confusion, and rage have been the emotions that have ruled my life and an undercurrent of self- righteousness has sustained me. The belief that humanity would exist in a world that excites inhumane philosophies. In that light what good am I to a society that is blocking the resources needed to support a vision that would add to and benefit that society. All it takes is the patience and silence to understand the thoughts of another and to take the time is to honor the original, spiritual contract that connects and binds all men.


                                                                         Truthfully & Respectfully,

                                                                                REV. WATERS

                                                                                 JERMAINE D. REYNOLDS, founder

                                                                                   APPODION entertainment, LLC

N.A.C.C. member

ASA Student/ Business Club Member

Bank of America member

Board of Elections Poll Worker/ Inspector

Sheet Metal Worker certification, Small Engine Repairer certification, Aids Counseling/ Awareness  certification, Physical Education training certification, Food Handlers certification, Custodial Maintenance certification, C.P.R. certification/ Training



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Anyone with grant information, fund- raising ideas, gift certificates, traveler’s checks, and office supplies are also graciously welcome to participate in the re- building and restoration of a citizen. Thanks for listening.









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